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How to Survive Multiple Offers

Multiple offers. These two little words can break your heart when you’ve just found a home you want to buy. Home-buying can be an emotional process, so it’s easy to be reactive and find yourself in a bidding war. So, how to survive multiple offers? Houston home buyers are coming against this issue very often and, as we go into peak season for the real estate industry, it’s important to know how to...

Zombie Houses: Does Your Neighborhood Have One?

The term “zombie house” sounds like it was made-up. But if you say “zombie house” in a room full of real estate professionals, they will probably nod their heads knowingly. Zombie houses are a nightmare for homeowners, banks, and the neighbors. What's a Zombie House? A zombie house is one that has been vacated because the owner could no longer make their scheduled mortgage payments. In most cases,...

Saying Goodbye to Low Interest Rates

If you’re in the market for a new home in the Houston area, you’re probably conflicted at the news that mortgage rates are rising. Record-low 3% mortgage rates are quickly becoming a thing of the past and it means at least two things: you might face a higher mortgage payment, but you may also have less competition for homes. Low interest rates created a frenzy in Houston, and other Texas...

Prioritizing Repairs Before Selling

Many agents will tell you that your home must be flawless before you put it on the market. Once you decide to sell, your comfortable home suddenly needs a length overhaul. However, the good thing about Houston’s sellers market is you don’t need to put as much into your home before you sell it. However, you still need to make sure that your home is appealing and free of any major negatives, like a...

Interest Rates, Home Prices Continue to Rise

Home prices in Houston and across the nation responded well to record-low interest rates. These low interest rates were designed to help the real estate market and overall economy recovery after the devastating decline in 2008. Prices have gone so high, in fact, that some of us wondered if another housing bubble loomed on the horizon. However, experts say we can all relax. Real estate prices...

Houston Named an “Aspirational City” by The Daily Beast

Houston is no stranger to top ten lists these days. The most recent shout-out comes from The Daily Beast, which compiled the nation’s top aspirational cities, cities that are the next lands of opportunity. Houston grabbed the No. 3 spot, right after its neighbors Austin and New Orleans. We’re living in a booming region, not just a booming city. Cities that made the list were judged mostly on...

Your 2013 Second Quarter Housing Report

There is great news for Texans, and especially Houstonians, in this second quarter of the year: the housing market is still strong and getting stronger. According to Texas Quarterly Housing Report, competition for homes has remained fierce throughout the state, not just in the Houston metro area. Approximately 80,000 single-family home were sold in Texas in the last quarter. A strong real estate...

The Benefits to Buying in the 4th Quarter

When it comes to real estate, you may think that buying a home in the 4th quarter has no advantages. However, you’re wrong. New homebuilders always offer amazing incentives before the end of the year. Builders need their new home inventory to be sold so they do not have to pay higher taxes on those homes in the next year. Some incentives can include $5 thousand or more towards closing costs. Sometimes...

Skanska Makes Room in Energy Corridor

The Energy Corridor in west Houston is one of the most in-demand commercial areas in Texas, and maybe the country, thanks to the city’s booming oil and gas business. It has maintained almost 99 percent occupancy, which is almost unheard of in commercial spaces. Thanks to Skanska USA Commercial Development, a Swedish commercial developer, the Energy Corridor will soon have more space. Designed...

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