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October 2014

Skanska Makes Room in Energy Corridor

The Energy Corridor in west Houston is one of the most in-demand commercial areas in Texas, and maybe the country, thanks to the city’s booming oil and gas business. It has maintained almost 99 percent occupancy, which is almost unheard of in commercial spaces. Thanks to Skanska USA Commercial Development, a Swedish commercial developer, the Energy Corridor will soon have more space. Designed...

Houston’s Cost of Living is Rising

It might be hot, but at least it’s cheap. Houston’s cost of living and affordability makes up for a lot of it’s short-comings over the years. This includes the bad climate, pollution, urban sprawl and flat landscape. Devoted Houstonians make the most of it, especially as Houston’s culture bloomed in recent years. However, Houston's cost of living isn’t as affordable as it once was. More inner...

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