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Houston’s Cost of Living is Rising

  • 8 years ago
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It might be hot, but at least it’s cheap.

Houston’s cost of living and affordability makes up for a lot of it’s short-comings over the years. This includes the bad climate, pollution, urban sprawl and flat landscape. Devoted Houstonians make the most of it, especially as Houston’s culture bloomed in recent years. However, Houston’s cost of living isn’t as affordable as it once was. More inner loopers are moving to the outskirts to find the affordable housing they’ve always counted on.

In her article, “Houston not so affordable after all,” Nancy Sarnoff referenced a report from Rice University’s Shell Center for Sustainability on the rising cost of living in Houston. The report indicates most Houstonians are spending 30% of their income on housing and 16% of their income on transportation. However, these figures refer to housing costs within Houston city limits. The Houston metro area ranks fifth for affordability, while Houston proper ranks 26th. Based on these numbers, Houstonians living in outlying areas benefit from affordable housing costs.

And yet, suburban life also comes with costs. While housing is less expensive, the commute into the city can be costly in terms of time and money. Many Houston commuters spend one to two hours in their cars for the commute, if not more. The price of fuel can lead to a monthly gas bill in the hundreds. If considering a move to the suburbs to save money on housing, don’t forget to factor in transportation costs with your overall expenses.

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