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Houston Named an “Aspirational City” by The Daily Beast

Houston is no stranger to top ten lists these days. The most recent shout-out comes from The Daily Beast, which compiled the nation’s top aspirational cities, cities that are the next lands of opportunity. Houston grabbed the No. 3 spot, right after its neighbors Austin and New Orleans. We’re living in a booming region, not just a booming city.

Cities that made the list were judged mostly on their economy (50%) and secondly on their quality of life and demographic factors (25% each). It’s no surprise that Houston ranks high considering these factors: with our strong job market, affordable housing, diversity of cultures, and arts. Families can live well in Houston, as paying jobs are readily available in a variety of industries. And our relatively low cost of living means even a mid-level salary can go far.

Houston is also an attractive city for businesses and corporations. Affordability, geography, and tax incentives make it an ideal location for company headquarters. As more companies move to the Houston area, they bring with them more jobs, as well as more diversity: existing employees are relocating to Houston and buying homes. But Houston isn’t just for large corporations – even small business owners have a chance to thrive in this city.

Houston has a long-standing reputation as one of the nation’s largest cities. But it hasn’t always stood up to its counterparts as a cultural center and a desirable place to live. In this new economic age, Houston is emerging as one of America’s best bets for families and individuals looking to build a future.

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