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Looking for a New Home in 2015?

2015 is the year for new home builds. So how do you get the best bang for your buck when buying a home? We have a few great tips to share, plus more up our sleeve when you work with the Jessica McCreary Real Estate Team.

Tips for working with a builder:

1.       ALWAYS hire a Realtor to be your “middleman”. The sales office has non-licensed salesman representing the best interest of the builder, not the buyer. If you have a Realtor representing you, they can negotiate on your behalf and you may end up with a lot more incentives than they originally disclosed to you.

2.       You don’t always have to use their preferred lender. You should still shop around for rates because chances are, the outside lender you shopped rates with, will be willing to match their lender’s offer and can compete for your business so you end up getting a better deal on financing terms.

3.       I always recommend that buyers shop the builders and have at least 2 favorites. This way you have a backup plan if your first choice just won’t budge during negotiations. It’s always ideal to use the better offer from your second choice builder as leverage with your first choice.

4.       When you go to the design center, your Realtor should always go with you. They can help you lower your upgrade costs by counseling you on those upgrades that are worth the money to have the builder do and what you could easily do yourself for much less than they want to charge.

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