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Introducing Our Newest Team Member, Dawn Shelton!

Dawn Shelton

We’d like to introduce the newest member to our team, Dawn Shelton. Dawn is now our transaction coordinator. She specializes in all the details of a real estate transaction for buying and selling. She is here to give our clients the services and attention they need and deserve from contract to close. Exceeding expectations is her job!

She helps give our clients peace of mind throughout every step of the transaction making sure every piece of the process is completed on time and professionally. Here are the main tasks she will help with:

– Completion of all documents and acquisition of required signatures
– Upload paperwork to DotLoop and submission for compliance
– Keep everyone informed of where they are in the process
– Verification that all documents are properly executed by all parties
– Verification that escrow has been opened and that all parties have received the appropriate documents
– Confirmation that appraisal has been ordered
– Scheduling and follow up on inspections, walk-through’s, closings, and any other appointments
– Monitoring of compliance

We are very excited to have Dawn as a part of our team!

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