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Why is Your Home Not Selling?

  • 7 years ago
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Want to learn how to sell your home? Are you concerned about the Houston housing market? Are you wondering why your home has not sold? Why is your home not selling?

Most people assume because homes aren’t selling as fast as they did last year that it is now a buyers market. That is not the case. Houston homes are now taking, on average, 2-3 months to sell, which is still a sellers market. The market is more normalized with a six-month inventory, and we are still at around three months of inventory today. So what is the real reason your home isn’t selling? Most likely your home is not being marketed properly or at the right price.


Choosing a realtor with marketing skills is much more necessary than last years market where all your realtor had to do was put a sign in the yard. As most people saw last year it took very little effort to get a home sold. Because of this, people are still choosing to put their home on the market for more than market value. The truth is, homes are not selling for more than market value as often as before. Property values are still rising, but listing prices should be more in line with or just below the market value to get maximum amount of interest.

Your best bet is to do research and choose an experienced realtor who has sold homes in your area. Check out our recent homes sold and more resources on our website here.

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