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Vote Yes for Prop 1!

  • 7 years ago
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Did You Know There Are TWO Proposition 1’s You Will Be Voting For On Nov 3rd? 

I’m sure you’ve seen the controversial city of Houston prop 1 commercials, but what you might not know is there is also a state prop 1 that effects homeowners just like you!
On November 3rd you’ll have a chance to VOTE YES on tax relief for all Texas Homeowners. The state proposition 1 will increase the statewide homestead exemption to provide badly needed property tax relief for you and every Texas homeowner.
What will State Prop 1 do if it’s passed?
  1. Prop 1 will save you money by increasing your homestead exemption from $15,000 to $25,000 thus lowering your home’s taxable value.  Visit to learn more.
  2. Prop 1 will reduce the tax load on seniors and people with disabilities.  Visit to learn more.
  3. Prop 1 will ban taxes on home salespermanently, ensuring local governments can’t impose an additional tax on you.  Visit to learn more.
The language on the ballot can be confusing. Please click here to see the official ballot language so you feel comfortable and ready when you go to vote.
Don’t forget to share this with your friends and family. Happy Voting Day!

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