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Spring Branch, One of Houston’s Top Neighborhoods of 2016

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Are you looking to sell your home in Houston this year? If you live in Spring Branch and want to sell, you are in luck. Spring Branch is one of the top neighborhoods in Houston to move into this year. Due to its proximity to downtown, the Galleria, Heights and the Energy Corridor, this area is the perfect location for an easy commute and everything else Houston has to offer.

Known for its more relaxed small town feel, convenience to the heart of Houston and good schools, 2016 is the best year yet for Spring Branch. The area has evolved from its early roots as a rural Texas settlement of German immigrants into postwar middle class and now a much more diverse urban environment with new builds as well as older subdivisions with loads of character.

Up and Coming

It’s these mix of elements that make Spring Branch the perfect Houston neighborhood to move into. With easy access to downtown, this area is a perfect location for a shorter commute. The real estate market is extremely active here, with the area becoming more desirable. It’s up and coming, don’t miss your chance while pricing is perfect!

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