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Tammy Bateman Properties Houston
In order to offer you more… We’ve made a professional move! I want share our excitement with you about our move to Tammy Bateman Properties, Inc.
Moving to Tammy Bateman Properties, Inc. has created several new opportunities for our team. Initially I thought that the big brokerage firms were able to offer more, but for my team, a smaller boutique firm was exactly what we needed to grow our business by working smarter.
After receiving my own brokerage license, I knew that someday I would possibly want to run my own firm. I now have the opportunity to  learn and experience first hand the day-to-day operations of a residential real estate firm run by an inspirational owner like Tammy Bateman.
I’m very excited to join this innovative group of professionals. Please update your address book with my new contact information. Looking forward to serving you, your friends and family in the future with the same warm and professional service as always.

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