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Best Bang for Your Buck When Improving Your Home for the Market

If you are considering putting your home on the market and would like it to move fast, what changes should you make for the best impression? A few smart changes and home improvement can make a big difference when it comes to your home’s value. So if you’re looking for the best bang for your buck when it comes to home improvement to put it on the market, these three tips will go a long way with potential buyers…

Lights On

This is an easy fix and a key thing to be aware of before each showing. Start off by replacing your energy efficient bulbs while your home is being shown. Bright lighting makes your space appear larger and more inviting. Be sure to open up your window coverings and turn on all lights and lamps before each showing.

Budget Friendly Kitchen Fixes

As I am sure you know kitchens and baths are what sell a home. An out of date kitchen can be a big turnoff and here are a few ways you can make your kitchen as inviting as possible.

  • Upgrade your appliances to stainless steel. How do you do this on a budget? Look for an appliance outlet or a “scratch-and-dent” store where almost-perfect appliances come with approachable price tags.
  • Update the backsplash by choosing colors and styles that are likely to appeal to the widest range of homebuyers. This can be a very inexpensive change that makes a world of difference.
  • Repaint your cabinetry and add updated hardware. New hinges and drawer pulls can dramatically transform the look of the room for less than $100.
  • If you have it in your budget, ditch the laminate countertops in favor of granite. Choose one of the more affordable stone countertops with a crisp and in-style beveled edge.

Bathroom Upgrades – As with the kitchen remodel, consider which changes will have the biggest impact. Changing out the faucet, cabinet hardware and hanging a sleek mirror with fresh towels can transform a bathroom. If you have more to spend start with replacing pastel ceramic tile with a modern subway or porcelain tile in a neutral hue. Replacing a plastic tub with a tiled shower costs about $1,000 but makes a huge difference. Continue to keep your bathroom extra clean for each showing.

For more tips on getting the best bang for your buck, just ask.

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