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Aggressive Property Marketing Scheme

Confessions of a Realtor: Aggressive Property Marketing Scheme

How I sold my house in 6 days
While at the height of a “cooling” Houston real estate market

Jessica McCreary Aggressive Property Marketing AgentWhen it comes to buying or selling a home, the emotional roller coaster that often comes along with the process can be overwhelming. I’m an experienced realtor with more than seven years in the business. This makes me very familiar with the part of my job that requires me to help shoulder some of the psychological and emotional weight. This is a weight that buyers and sellers often experience.

Naturally, when it became time for me to buy and sell my home, there was no doubt in my mind that I would be able to keep my feelings and emotions in check. To my surprise, however, I found myself stressing over the same concerns that many of my clients face.

Aggressive Property Marketing Scheme

I started the process with quite a bit of nervous energy. However, I had faith in the aggressive property marketing scheme that I designed personally to list and sell my clients’ homes fast. And, at full or near list price. As I’ve recommended many times in the past, I followed my aggressive property marketing process to the letter. And again, it delivered fast and desirable results. I am confident that this process can help sellers sell their property quickly, regardless of market conditions. So confident that I am confessing every step I took to sell my house at just over list price, within 150 hours of hitting the market:


I inspected every inch of my home to ensure it was show ready, not just list ready. There is a difference. Check out my blog post on creating the ultimate showing experience for buyers.


I hired a professional photographer and created a plan for capturing the most attractive and charming areas around my house. Of course, done at a time when the lighting was just perfect.


Jump to two days prior to listing my home, which was on a Thursday. I started my pre-list marketing efforts. Reaching out to buyers that mentioned being interested in Spring Branch or having a similar budget. Then reaching out to my network of brokers & agents in my office. And also those who work in or around Spring Branch via social media & e-flyers. Finally, by posting enticing “teasers” to my entire social media network, while preparing the home for listing.


I must confess, even as a Realtor® who specializes in this area, I struggled with pricing. I had an inner conflict between the agent in me and the seller. I originally wanted to price it about $15k above market. Just to see if we could get any interest at that price point. But in the end, the smart agent in me prevailed. I told myself NOT to be my typical seller that just wants to test the market, because we could always reduce later on. We knew our goal was to sell the home quickly so we needed to price the home right, from the very beginning. So, I priced it at market value. Not a hair above or below, as this strategy increased my chances of receiving multiple offers. This  also increased the likelihood of selling at list price or above.


After allowing anticipation to build for two days, I hosted my first open house on Saturday. Then I followed it up with another one on Sunday. Soon after Sunday’s open house, we received an offer over list price. This was followed by an email promising another offer. Having an offer over list price, we quickly negotiated a few smaller terms and got the offer executed within a day!

In hindsight, I’m not sure where all that nervous energy was coming from. Maybe it had something to do with being a new mom. Or being busy working a full-time job, while attempting to sell a house with her nine-month old infant’s stuff at every turn. That can make anyone feel a bit overwhelmed, right? What I am sure about, however, is that the aggressive property marketing scheme outlined above is a valuable tool for anyone looking to sell property fast. And I’d also have to add that this experience reaffirmed my passion for my profession and helped me appreciate, that much more, what my clients go through when making a move!



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