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Zillow Instant Offers

  • 6 years ago
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Zillow Instant Offers at first glance seems like a great idea for investors and consumers alike. But, is it? The answer is a not-so-surprising no. Zillow has a history of inaccuracies, false advertising, and other unredeemable qualities. This latest program may actually help greedy, profit-driven investors. However, at the same time it is swindling home sellers out of what could be thousands upon thousands of dollars.


Instant Offers

Instant Offers tries to encourage home sellers to sell to investors without gaining the knowledge they zillow instant offersneed before selling. Why on earth should anyone act on selling without consulting a Realtor®, Appraiser, or any other legal professional? Instantly accepting an offer based on an inaccurate Zillow “Zestimate” can mean you make 10, 15, or even 20% less than what your home is actually worth. The program is completely misleading, and undermines every professional Realtor® who has helped fund and grow Zillow to the marketing machine it is today with their hard earned commissions. Who pays for advertising slots and funds the website itself? Realtors. It’s a very unethical slap in the face.

Say NO to Zillow

The only person Zillow is trying to fool is you, the home seller. The only party they are supporting are predatory investors. If an investor signs up with this program, rest assured they are not concerned with you or your well being. What’s the name of the game for them? Profit.

By not consulting a Realtor® and Appraiser, Zillow expects you to accept whatever their home value estimate is without question. If you ever run into a program which tells you to accept an offer first and ask questions later, chances are, it is at best questionable, and at worst could be considered unethical. Still thinking about using Zillow? Check out the top 238 complaints on Consumer Affairs here.

Ending Zillow Instant Offers

If we take a stand together, we can end this costly and misleading program. The website, was formed by the 50-year real estate veteran, Greg Hague. It contains a petition to stop Zillow’s Instant Offers.

If you do not support a company which undermines the real estate professionals who look out for your best interests, consider electronically signing this online petition. Hold on to the ability to have your home appropriately valued before marketing and selling your biggest asset. The money you are missing from an Instant Offer may haunt you for years to come, especially if that number is in the tens of thousands of dollars range.

So, the moral of the story is, if you want to sell a property, make an educated and informed decision and do so by contacting us or your favorite Realtor®. Real estate is most often one’s largest investment, one you should almost always make a return on at some point. Say no to Zillow Instant Offers!

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