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Market Insights

  • 4 years ago
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What are Market Insights? Market Insights are information attached to local listings, or a specific listing. This information includes nearby listings, comparable sales prices, and the average time on the market for local listings. Does your Realtor® have the ability to share Market Insights with you? This is relevant residential market information and helps you stay on the right track. Need to know the average price per square foot of the comparable sales in a specific area? Market Insights is all about that, and more. There are things you need to know about your listing as a Seller, or your desired location, as an educated Buyer. This is all available to you, because your Realtor® has Platinum HAR membership benefits.

The best benefits of Market Insight tools

  • Know which neighbors sold their homes, and their actual sales price.
  • Stay up to date on the market with sold price per square foot information.
  • Know what the active and comparable homes are currently listed for.
  • Use this information to protest your taxes.

We can send you weekly market insights for any property you are looking at buying or selling. If you want to get your weekly Market Insights sent to your inbox, let me know and I will send you information right away. Simply send me an e-mail to

Your weekly e-mail will look similar to this:

As you can see, the information is straight forward. It lists properties for sale nearby, sold nearby,Market Insights and price reductions nearby. Information is based on a property or location of your choice. So, you are receiving Market Insights that are relevant to you. Whether you are buying a property or selling one, Market Insights is a useful tool both for you as a client or a consumer. Any way you look at it, having Market Insight is extremely valuable. It’s also an advantage that the Jessica McCreary Real Estate Team has over other Realtors® because we are Platinum Benefits Members. We have the HAR tools to enhance our real estate business, to better serve our clients. Does your Realtor® have these tools and the education to use them?

How much Education does your Realtor® have?

You can view the education your Real Estate Agent has, online, any time. Here is a link to my credentials through TREC, The Texas Real Estate Commission. In addition, if you want to check out any Realtor’s education credentials, simply use the search bar on the right of the TREC website entitled “License Holder Search.” Enter any Realtor’s® license number or name. Then, their education history will either flood the page, or maybe have room for some improvement. In conclusion, the more education we get as Realtors®, the more we are able to help you buy or sell a property.


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