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Neighborhood Spotlight: Garden Oaks

Escape the hustle of the City in nearby Garden Oaks. Garden Oaks attracts people who want to establish families or who want a little more for their money than in the Houston Heights or Montrose. Located north of Houston Heights, it’s the perfect spot for a closer commute to Downtown, The Med Center, or The Galleria area.


Streets lined with oak, pecan, and pine trees aren’t the only attraction to this growing neighborhood in Houston. The houses consists of vintage bungalows, ranch style homes from 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s, and rebuilds. You can’t overlook the award winning schools nearby as well.


Looking for something to do? Garden Oaks boasts some of the best brunch in Houston. Dine at Cottonwood, Shepherd Park Draught House, The Union Kitchen, Petrol Station, and others. Don’t miss the other excitement there as well from T.C. Jester Park to local breweries, to some of the best BBQ in town.

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