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Houston Heights


Established in the late 1800s, the Heights area is the largest historic district in the city of Houston. Lined with historic Victorian and bungalow-style dwellings, this relaxed and laid-back community is home to many charm-filled properties listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Located just Northwest of Downtown Houston, beautiful tree-lined streets featuring an impressive mixture of old character-filled mansions, along with modern-like properties, makes the Heights area one of the most unique and diverse communities in the city of Houston.

The Heights neighborhood was one of the first planned communities in Texas, and one of Houston’s most desirable and sought-after neighborhoods until the late 1940s. After World War II, factories and warehouses began to sprout up, transitioning the area to more of an industrial community. During the 1990s, as household incomes began to increase and family sizes decreased, young professionals wanting to be near the downtown began laying roots and revitalizing the historic Heights district.

Today, Heights residents not only enjoy the quaint small-town feel provided by the area’s historic and picturesque architecture, timeless boutiques, and a variety of classic antique shops, local families also enjoy a vibrant and electric community feel with the countless nearby art galleries, restaurant bars and lively music venues.


Because of the area’s central location within the Loop, excellent accessibility, and great schools, the area has remained one of the city’s most popular and desirable neighborhood. And, while new development has been rapid and significant over the past ten years, the strict adherence to Southern architecture and historical building guidelines have helped to protect the Heights’ charm and charisma that many locals know and love.

Popular Heights Neighborhoods
Median Listing Prices

  • Addick Dam                       $609,950
  • Baldwin Square                  $399,888
  • Baker Court Townhomes $300,000
  • Bakers Landing                  $495,000
  • Briarhills                             $368,000
  • Broken Bayou                     $344,000
  • Charlton Park                     $599,000

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