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Houston Housing Market Update

2016 Real Estate Forecast

What does 2016 have in store for Houston real estate? Worried that oil prices will have a drastic impact on Houston real estate this year? The Houston real estate market managed to resist most of the effects of the energy downturn thus far, with home sales up. Coming off the last few years of an amazing real estate high, you may be worried when you see homes in your neighborhood not being sold in less...

HAR Update: Home Prices Reach All-Time Highs

Houston Homes Sales Reach Record Breaking Averages If you feel like home prices in the Houston market keep going up, you're right. With the average and median home price at all time highs, homes won't be getting less expensive any time soon. Click below for the full report. HAR Market Update... "According to the latest monthly report prepared by the Houston Association of Realtors (HAR), May...

1st Quarter Houston Housing Market Outlook

After attending a recent presentation by economist, Ted Jones, we had a better idea of how to forecast for 2015 and how gas prices could affect the Houston Housing Market. His talk focused on “No Place But Up” referring to interest rates, rents, prices, real estate and the economy in general. While Houston had an outstanding 2014, it doesn’t mean that 2015 will be a major downfall. 2014 was a...

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