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Houston Housing Market

Best Bang for Your Buck When Improving Your Home for the Market

If you are considering putting your home on the market and would like it to move fast, what changes should you make for the best impression? A few smart changes and home improvement can make a big difference when it comes to your home’s value. So if you’re looking for the best bang for your buck when it comes to home improvement to put it on the market, these three tips will go a long way with...

Spring Branch, One of Houston’s Top Neighborhoods of 2016

Are you looking to sell your home in Houston this year? If you live in Spring Branch and want to sell, you are in luck. Spring Branch is one of the top neighborhoods in Houston to move into this year. Due to its proximity to downtown, the Galleria, Heights and the Energy Corridor, this area is the perfect location for an easy commute and everything else Houston has to offer. Known for its more...

Ready to Invest in Real Estate?

Ready to Invest in Real Estate? We now offer full-service property management solutions. So not only can we help you purchase a worthy investment property in this shifting market. But, we can also then help you manage it afterwards. Our clients literally sit back and collect checks each month. If you're ready to invest in Real Estate then we are here to help you. The McMgmt Team is not your ordinary...

2016 Real Estate Forecast

What does 2016 have in store for Houston real estate? Worried that oil prices will have a drastic impact on Houston real estate this year? The Houston real estate market managed to resist most of the effects of the energy downturn thus far, with home sales up. Coming off the last few years of an amazing real estate high, you may be worried when you see homes in your neighborhood not being sold in less...


Houston Housing Market Flexes Its Muscle in June Nice improvements for the Houston Housing Market, as home sales and prices rise to new historic highs, and with inventory continuing to grow. The Houston Housing Market's see-saw ride continued as June sales volume increased to 4.1 percent, with home prices setting new record highs, following May’s sales dip. Only homes priced below $150,000 experienced...

HAR Update: Home Prices Reach All-Time Highs

Houston Homes Sales Reach Record Breaking Averages If you feel like home prices in the Houston market keep going up, you're right. With the average and median home price at all time highs, homes won't be getting less expensive any time soon. Click below for the full report. HAR Market Update... "According to the latest monthly report prepared by the Houston Association of Realtors (HAR), May...

How did the Houston Flood Impact You?

If you weren't flooded you probably were nervous that it was about to happen. We recommend getting flood insurance even if you're not in a High Risk Zone. We live in Houston! Because of where we live, it's something that you do need to have. The Houston flood of 2015 may still have an impact on your life and make living difficult. It seems like we live in an amazing city, with resources available to...

From Closing to Consummation… October 1st!

Yes you read that correctly. Starting October 1st, home closings will now be called consummations. After the financial crash of 2008, the push for financial regulatory reform began. In result, we now have a new way of doing things when it comes to rules, disclosures, loans and transactions in real estate. The goal of the reform was to actually make real estate transactions easier for the buyer and seller...

Looking to Move this Summer?

Know your loan options First if you're looking to move this Summer Now is the time to look into your loan options and get pre-qualified for summer home shopping. It's smart to shop around for the right lender. Not only should you look at the big banks, but also take a look at lenders who give true customer service. Learn the basics of buying your home and get the information you need to help you...

Neighborhood Spotlight – Hunters Creek Village

Originally settled as a farming community, Hunters Creek Village is a green and wooded landscape with access to the heart of downtown Houston. It is an independent city that is part of the six villages that make up Memorial Villages. This community is within proximity to freeways and urban cultural options. The neighborhood has a serene and quiet atmosphere, providing the best of both worlds. Homes in...

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