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Property Taxes in Houston

Vote Yes for Prop 1!

Did You Know There Are TWO Proposition 1's You Will Be Voting For On Nov 3rd?  I'm sure you've seen the controversial city of Houston prop 1 commercials, but what you might not know is there is also a state prop 1 that effects homeowners just like you! On November 3rd you'll have a chance to VOTE YES on tax relief for all Texas Homeowners. The state proposition 1 will increase the statewide homestead...

Protest Your Property Taxes

Now that tax season is upon us, how are you going to handle your property taxes? Have your property taxes increased from last year? Are you wondering if you should protest or pay up? Whether you choose to protest your taxes yourself or hire someone, we recommend you do it every year. May 31st is the deadline to protest this year. When hiring someone to protest for you, find a law firm that will only...

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